Thursday, March 14, 2013

Confessions of an Enrichment Activity

I really did not want to go to Relief Society last night. Like really! I (no joke) sat on my bed for a good 15 minutes trying to was more like fighting with myself to do the right thing, which was to go. So I did. Luke even said that because I had the reminder sign in our yard, I HAD to go. He was right.
I told myself that I would only go for a little bit. I don't know what my problem is or why I wouldn't want to go, but I am glad I did. The activity was on healthy eating and strengthening homes around the dinner table. At first we listened to Sister Olsen talk about the importance of eating together as a family and I really enjoyed her talk. Following that, we rotated through three different stations. The main entree station, a vegetable station and the dessert station. At each location someone talked to us about how to incorporate nutrition into our meals and to eat more wisely. It was great information and I really was impressed by the knowledge of these ladies. The food was also really good. So much so, that I really think I will try to make these items sometime...except maybe the bean brownies.  I even ended up staying the whole time.
In the end I am really glad that I went. I know it's important to sustain the callings in our ward and I know that by showing up to the activities, I am doing so. I know that these ladies put in so much work to make this activity what it was and so I must say thank you to them for doing such a great job. I really do have an awesome ward. 


Mindy said...

Good job getting your butt there. :) I know the pain of being an enrichment leader, so I try to go (although I'm not perfect at it). By the way, I've tried the bean brownies. My unsuspecting boys ate them, but I could taste the beans, since I knew they were in there. I couldn't eat them.

AJ and Cindy said...

LOL this made me giggle so much, especially imagining you sitting in your bed debating. I am so glad you came! It makes it more fun when friends are there :)