Thursday, March 28, 2013


This weekend  (March 15th-17th) was just so awesome. I got to spend it with some of the people that I care about most and do some of the things that we like to do best. Last year we missed out on this trip and I was so sad about it. I asked Luke if he wanted to run this year and much to my surprise, he said yes. So here we are, off to Moab.
On the way down, we stopped at training table for dinner. It seemed like it took a while to get down there with the 2 other stops we had to make, but it was okay, we were on vacation.
We arrived a little after 8 that night and with enough time to pick up our packets and set up camp. Each of us got our outfits ready for race day tomorrow. Some of us quicker than others... 

That morning we were bussed up to the start of the race where we waited for about 1.5 hours to start. I loved being there with Amy and Luke. The last time I did this race, I was all alone so it was nice to have company, and good company at that.

When we started, the conditions were prefect. It was cast over and best part was there hardly any wind. Perfect I tell you. 
Amy was the first to finish. She did such a great job. Her chip time was 40:34 and placed second in her age group. She was only 4 second behind the 1st place and got an additional medal for placing.  Talk about fast!
My goal was to run at about a 9:30 pace which would be so awesome.
I finished in 47:23 with a 9:28 pace which was actually wrong. They didn't calculate the gun time and chip time right so I actually ran a 9:18 which is my personal record. I had to make sure to record it correctly because I worked hard for it.
Luke was amazing. This was his first official race and a race that he actually trained for. We didn't know he was going to run this fast and so we didn't get to see him cross the finish line. He finished in 48:48 but again, they didn't calculate the chip time correctly, so I'm thinking he did about a 9:30ish minute mile. He ended up placing 12th in his age group. When I asked him what he thought about it, he said it was so fun and that he will certainly do it again. I am so happy for him.
Trent was the only one of us that ran the half marathon. His final chip time was 1:20:50 which was his best at this race but not his PR. I can't even imagine what it would be like to run a 6 minute mile. He is a machine. 

 Best part about this race is the finish. They always hook you up with the best post race snacks.
Finishers and Luke with his first race medal.

Following showers and a huge lunch at La Hacienda, Trent took us jeeping at the Klondike Bluffs. It's crazy how scary Jeeping is. It doesn't seem like it until you're in the car staring straight up at the sky, straight down at a huge boulder and riding along edges. 
 We walked up to the bluffs to hang out for a little bit.
 Amy and I got a little camera crazy, but don't you think she makes a great Cheetah?

We took jumping pictures and when I took mine, My flip flop flew right off the cliff. There was no getting that bad boy back so I had to hike back down with only one shoe. 
Looking back at the picture, I thought it was funny that you could actually see my blurry flip flop in the air.
Love him.
Love them.
Love us.
later that night we had dinner at Pizza Hut, did some shopping, got some ice cream and finally settled in after a very busy and perfect day.
The following morning after relaxing kid less for one last time, we had a delicious McDonald's breakfast, did some more shopping and walking around and then headed home.

Last time we went to Moab together and I blogged about it, we made a list of all the funny things that were said through the trip. It was so fun and funny to look back and reminisce, so I have to include our list this time.
Moab's Memorable Moments 2013
-Trent trying to find a Moab shirt
-Luke is Wychel
-"Morgan calls it a chicken." -Trent
-"That's what happens when you eat..." -Luke
-Kim's chin
-"At least I look good" -Amy
-"Kim, turn around, It's Amy..." -Trent
-"I thought it was a dinosaur taking his own picture!" -Amy
-"My shoe!" -Kim
-"Does this come with a spoon" -Amy at Waitress
-"It's not even worth your dollar fifty?!!" -Luke at Kim
-Luke going through the snack tent 4 times past the "security guards"
-"Is that the same Chinese guy?" -Amy
-"I am not eating a sand which." -Luke
-"I have to pee again" -Amy
-"Trent, what do you call that again?" -Kim
-finding perfect sunglasses at the gas station
-Amy being annoyed with the know it all T-shirt shop guy
-"Well that's sad!" -Amy and T-shirt shop guy
-"That water was the worst water I've ever had!" -Luke
-"You break it, you don't fix it" -Amy at Trent
-"What was that?!" -Amy at Trent
-"That made my butt pucker" -Luke
-Head lamps
-"Someday I'll lose my weight, throw up all the food I ate..." -Amy
-"Someday day I'll gain some weight..." -Trent

And the best quote of the trip...

"Amy, I'm sorry I compared you to a fat lard and Kim, I'm sorry I called you a slut" -Trent


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