Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Morning

Any holiday with a child enhances the holiday for me. I think it's better than when I was a kid. I love seeing Oliver get excited about it and to experience that joy that comes with holidays again and again.
This morning after Oliver snuggled with us in bed for a little bit, we asked him if he was ready to go see if the Easter bunny had come (we think he forgot about it). He jumped up and ran into the living room to see what he got. The Easter Bunny knew that Oliver was going to be playing soccer soon and so he hooked him up with shin guards and a soccer ball. He also knew his favorite chips were funyuns and also got him a few toys and candies.
Oliver got to wear his new letter church shirt and we loved primary where we learned about Jesus and the resurrection.
Lately, Oliver has been asking questions about dying so this was a great opportunity to teach him about the resurrection. These were his questions while on a family drive one afternoon...
"When are we going to die?"
"How are we going to die?"
"What are those?" (referring to tomb stones)
"What is a grave?"
"Where are our graves?"
"Where is Grandpa Bills grave?"
It was very interesting to try to explain death and the resurrection to him. I think children sometimes know more about the spirit world than we think they do and perhaps it's because they are pure and sinless that they don't have anything to fear about dying. I found it so comforting that he was so calm and understanding about all of this. Dying didn't seem scary to him because we explained to him that families could be together again if we are obedient and that we would see each other again.
Such a blessing to teach the simple truths of the gospel.