Monday, December 30, 2013

Brown Elephant

Following Christmas, we had some relatives come from Mexico to take their son to the MTC. They requested that we do a white elephant party since they had never done one and had seen all of our pictures on Facebook. Of course we weren't going to say no. Any reason to party is a good reason to me. 

We had tacos that were so good. 
I think I ate way more than I should have. My favorite was the Champorado. It's a thick atole based chocolate milk that is so delicious.
And then the gifts. It's always the best when the little kids get the most random items and they don't know how to react. 
 This picture...makes me laugh

 Like I mentioned, this was our cousin that had never played this game that was passing through before he went to the MTC. My mom wanted to rig the game so that he would "win" a hundred dollar bill. So after everyone drew their numbers, we still had about 8 gifts left over and I redrew everyone's number to see who would go away with the leftover gifts. The last gift was the whoopie cushion with the hundred dollar bill that He drew. He was so surprised and he never found out that we had set it up.
The traditional look-what-I-got-picture
 And the night wouldn't be complete without a group picture...
 And a silly group picture.