Friday, December 6, 2013

Showered with Love

I love my friends. Love them. They are so good to me and they are in general such good people. So, it was no surprise to me when they offered to throw me a shower for my upcoming babies. This group in particular was introduced to me by Amy when I joined her book club and ever since, we have all grown so close.
So, we all met at a restaurant called Twigs in Farmington Station. It was a really fancy place and it was so fun to just we with all these ladies. My meal was pretty good, but the dessert was especially good.
 (I have such beautiful freinds. Even though our eyes look so crazy in this picture)
Following dinner some of us headed over to the Cinemark Theater to see Catching Fire. Again, so fun to be with this group and I loved the movie.
(I laugh at this picture because I was competing with Kristin's fluff to be in the picture.)
Really I am so blessed to have these ladies in my life. Thank you thank you! My babies are going to have some pretty great "aunties".