Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mexican Christmas Party

This year for our annual Mexican Christmas party, Luke and I decided it would be best if we used the multiple purpose room at the church since our numbers were getting so big. Best idea ever. For dinner we had a potato bar with many delicious toppings and of course the highlight of the evening was playing the white elephant gift exchanging game.

Some of the highlights of the night...

-Tristan stealing the walker from Wendy and loving it the rest of the night
-Phia getting "poop" was actually brownies in the shape of poop with a five dollar bill
-Tayten dancing around with the clown mask and walker
-Endless chanting "open the gift", "baby making kit" and pretty much anything that you would otherwise normally say talking
-Oliver getting ugly black high heels and not being happy about it.

In the end this is what we all went home with.

And by the end of the night I was exhausted. In past years I'd be all over staying up late hanging out with my cousins but this year, I just wanted to be done. I guess carrying around two babies will do that to you. Until next year, my lovely brown family. Ayayayay!