Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Morning

I love the quiet of Christmas morning at our house. Oliver has always been such a good sleeper so we didn't have to worry about him waking us up super early...just yet. Actually the boys had to come get me out of bed. Luke put the fire on (the latest Netflix find), and we gathered around to open gifts. 

First up were the stockings. Oliver got so many fun things in his stocking this year like candy and toys, but I think the movies were his favorite.  
  Luke got ammo, candy gift cards, toys and a hat, but I think the movies were his favorite too.
 I also got treats and movies. 
Our stocking this year were new and we didn't realize how much bigger they were than our old ones. I thought I was being prepared by buying 4 last year. Who knew I'd need 5 for the future. Certainly not us.
 Up next were the gifts that Oliver got Mom and Dad. 
 As usual, I love the drawing paper wrapping paper and that Oliver wrote on it. 
 He got me the diaper bag that I wanted for the babies. 
LOVE it and him!
 Next up was Dad's gift. 
 Most Friday nights around here, we have Friday family fun night. Usually we will stay in and watch a movie complete with popcorn and treats. So Oliver got Luke a popcorn popper and popcorn kernals since Luke was cooking popcorn old school style and the specific smell of that made me sick. Of course he also got Luke a new blanket since Oliver stole the blanket he got him last year. 
 Luke loved it and Obviously loves Oliver.
 And then it was Oliver's turn to see what Santa brought him.
 Santa brought Oliver the rest of the Castle Legos to go along with the Castle Legos that Grandma Lily gave him. How did he know?
 He was pretty excited about it. 
I loved that we decided to go very simple and small with gifts this year. It's something we try to do every year and then in the end we find ourselves overspending for no good reason (although Luke did break the rules and get me an additional gift this year...a coat).
It was a very special morning with my family. Next year it going to be crazy with two additional children crawling all over the place. We'll call this Christmas the calm before the storm.