Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Remember remember the month of November

Oliver says he doesn't like to go to preschool. And then he runs out like this so excited to show me what he made. This particular day they made a cornucopia out of tin foil and play dough...except he told me that he didn't want to play with the play dough so his cornucopia was empty. I thought it was an elf hat.
Holly taught me how to make her delicious apple pie. It was so much fun and I loved how they turned out. Best MIL out there!
 We decorated for Christmas on the 30th. We usually wait until December 1st, but we were just too excited and hey, Thanksgiving was over so Christmas at that point was in full swing.

Oliver putting the finishing touch on our tree. Love these guys.

At the beginning of the month, Luke and Oliver bought me this for my desk at work. I wasn't allowed to set it up until after Thanksgiving. Now I have a little piece of Christmas and a reminder of my boys with me at work. 

 I got some snuggle time with this boy. He is getting so big so I know moments like these are numbered. I was also counting my blessings as I was feeling my two babies move in my belly. All three kids with me in this priceless moment.
Loved November. So much to be thankful for.