Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

This year was our year to spend Thanksgiving with The Baker side.
For starters, we began with some early morning football. Luke went out to play with some guys from the ward over at Washington School. He even ended up with a little battle wound...a scratch on his thigh that ripped through his underwear. Hard core I tell you. Following some adult football, we met up with the Baker boys, other family members and a few friends at another park just down the street. This was the kid friendly football game.  

 We had a small group this year, but it was still fun.
The players.
 The "cheerleaders"

After football, we all ran home to get ready to go see a movie. Every other year when we get together with the Bakers for Thanksgiving, we will pick a movie to go see at the theater. This year we saw Frozen and I loved it! The best part may have been mine and Lukes discovery of the perfect combination that is popcorn and lime Coke. Mmmm!
Not a great quality picture, but I'm glad we got at least this photo to document our group.

Dinner time.
Kat offered to make the turkey this year and it was the best I had ever had. He deep fried that bird to perfection. Luke helped him carve it. 

 Along with the delicious turkey, we had some mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls, stuffing, olives, mac and cheese and martinellis. For dessert we ate cheesecake, pumpkin dessert, apple pie, and ice cream. It was SO good.
 I was there...and so was creepy Luke.
After gorging ourselves, we sat around and looked through the adds even though none of us planned to do any shopping. 

But then we changed our minds. Taleesha and I headed out on Thursday night to Kohl's and Target at around 11:00 that night. It was nice to skip all the crowds and still get some really good deals. On Friday we decided to hit up Old Navy to score on their 50% off merchandise. Spencer joined us that day and we even stopped at Burger King for a late lunch. It was delicious.  

I was going back and forth on getting a Dyson. It's been something on my to buy list for a long time and Sam's Club was selling them for a pretty good price that day. When I called to see if they had any in stock, the lady said they only had 6 left so Luke {being the awesome husband that he is} ran into Salt Lake to pick this up for me. Merry Christmas to me!

And there you have it. Our Thanksgiving in a nut shell. The rest of the weekend was so nice. Since Luke was home all weekend, we deep cleaned our house, set up Christmas and enjoyed being home just the three of us snuggling and watching movies. Perfect way to end the Thankful season.