Saturday, May 3, 2014

3 Months

Seriously can't believe it's been three months. These have been some of the hardest/fastest/most rewarding 3 months so far. These babies are so loving and so easy to love. It's strange to think back on a year ago when we were about to start the official invitro process. Back to a time where we were anticipating having a baby or babies. I am so grateful that a year later, they are here.

Here are just a few things they are up to...
*Still in size 1 diapers that fit her perfectly
*Has cheeks that are growing faster than anything else on her body
*Loves to sit up and stare at the world around her
*If you chat with her she chats back
*Wiggles out of her blankets when she sleeps even if we swaddle her
*Is so hard to feed. She fights you just about the whole time and you have to hold her tight otherwise she thrashes around
*Wears 3 month old clothes that also fit her perfectly
*Eats anywhere between 3-5 ounces but usually 3.5
*Stretches with her arms straight up above her head every time we unwrap her.
*has not giggled yet but will give you big open mouth smiles
*Is getting a bald spot on the back of her head
*Still sleeps with 2 blankets
*Has a couple long thick hairs on the top of her head that I think are so weird.
*Is still wearing size 1 diapers but they are getting tight on him
*Smiles and Giggles SO much
*Is ticklish around his collar bone, belly and thighs
*Still favors his right side when he lays down but his lopsided head is evening out
*His hernia is going down and his belly button doesn't bubble out so much
*His googlie eyes aren't so googlie anymore
*Has a birth mark on each hand and one on his right eye lid
*Can fit into 6 month old clothes
*Eats anywhere between 3-6 ounces but usually 5
*Still sucks at latching
*Has a higher pitched cry than Bee but doesn't cry as much as he used to
*Has longer eye lashes than Bee
*Is so sweaty. We have been putting him to bed in just a diaper and blanket and he sleeps perfectly.

*Both babies are sleeping mostly through the night and if we ever have to get up in the night, it's only once.



linds said...

fatties. i love them.