Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lagoon Season Pass

This was Oliver's face when we told him that we were on our way to Lagoon or as he calls it "Magoon"
 We checked in and got our pictures taken and our season passports.

Got stamped. 
And made a bee line to the merry go round. This was Oliver's favorite ride of the day.
 He also enjoyed the kiddie rides and we sort of made him go on the tidal wave. He was loving it at first and even putting his arms up, that is, until we kept going higher and higher.

Since it was such a nice day and still sunny and warm out, we hit up the water rides. Oliver did not want to get wet so we had to somewhat protect him from the water which soaked us.
We even made friends with some kids. It was DARE day so kids were everywhere. 

Our favorite was watching O at the bumper cars and taking him through the haunted house. He was brave at first, but then put his head in my lap and closed his eyes. 
We left after a couple of hours and it was perfect. We got some cotton candy and headed home. 
I'm loving that we have season passes so far and can't wait to go again. 


Marco y Haydee said...

I remember going with you and Phia to Lagoon on DARE day. Cutting lines and all. jaja Phia got caught but we ran ahead and got away with it. lol